Planning Services Work Plan 2018-19

Our Planning Services Work Plan for the 2018-19 school year was submitted to Trustees at the October 2, 2018, Regular Board Meeting. The purpose of this work plan is to provide general information and tentative dates for upcoming Planning Services projects.

Read the full report here.

2019 Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) Update

As a new initiative, Planning Services will now complete annual updates and enhancements to the LTCP, as opposed to five year cycles. This is to ensure the plan remains relevant to the current trends.

To complete the process, Planning Services anticipates to complete the below milestones over the 2018-19 school year.

Tentative DateForumActions
October 2, 2018Board Meeting2018-2019 Planning Services Work Plan
Oct – Nov, 2018InternalDevelop and complete preliminary enrolment projections for submission to the Ministry of Education
December 2018Ministry SubmissionEnrolment Projection Submission
December 18, 2018Board MeetingLTCP – Preliminary Enrolment Projection Report
February 2019Publish Materials OnlineLTCP - Updated Projections Posted Online
April 16, 2019Board MeetingLTCP – Annual Facility Accommodation Report
April 2019NotificationNotifications sent regarding LTCP Public Meeting
May 7, 2019Board MeetingDraft Report for LTCP
May 2019Public MeetingDraft CPFP & 2019 LTCP Public Meeting
May 2019SurveySurvey Launch
May 21, 2019Board MeetingDelegations and Information Report for LTCP
June 4, 2019Board MeetingLTCP approval in principle

Amendment to the 2018 Education Development Charge By-Law

During the 2017-18 school year, Board staff sought to renew the 2013 Education Development Charge (EDC) By-law, however, the Ministry was unable to grant approval on the Board’s Background Report, which resulted in the By-law lapsing for a short period of time. Our Board was later granted approval from the Ministry to pass a one-year By-law using the rates from the 2013 EDC By-law as amended in 2017. The one-year By-law came into effect on July 4, 2018, and is set to expire on July 4, 2019.

The Ministry of Education and the Province of Ontario have since announced their intention to undertake a review of the Education Development Charge (EDC) policy framework, and has implemented a temporary cap on EDC rate increases until the review is complete.

Proposed Amendment
Contrary to the initial work plan presented to the Board of Trustees on October 2, 2018, the proposed amendment to the 2018 EDC By-Law may only be limited to increase the term of the By-law for another year, until the full Provincial review is completed.

The below table provides a quick reference on EDC rates for residential and non-residential developments in Halton.

Rates2018 EDC By-Law (as approved)2018 EDC By-Law (Background Study)Variance (+/-)
Residential$2,269.00 / unit$3,648.00 / unit+ $1,379 / unit
Non-Residential$6.24 / m2$8.93 / m2+ $2.69 / m2

Milton Secondary School Boundary Review

On March 13, 2018, the Ministry advised our Board that despite the pressing need to accommodate growing enrolment pressures in the Town of Milton, our Milton #3 Catholic Secondary School project submission was not approved.

The 2018 LTCP indicates that both Bishop P. F. Reding and Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary Schools will reach maximum portable capacity by 2019-2020. As a result, secondary students will need to be temporarily relocated to another secondary school in the Board’s jurisdiction that has available space.

Planning Services will be proposing to initiate a Secondary School Boundary Review for the Town of Milton . The scope of this review may include the following milestones:

  1. Complete an Interim Boundary Review in wait for the Milton #3 Catholic Secondary School opening, and establish a temporary Holding School
  2. Complete the Ultimate Boundary Review process that will delineate the final Milton Secondary School Boundaries following the opening of the Milton #3 Catholic Secondary School

As an alternative strategy to an interim boundary review, Facility Services and Planning Services staff are still exploring strategies to further maximize the total number of portables on site and increase maximum student capacity on site.

2018-19 School Capital Priorities

Last school year (2017-18), the Board was successful in receiving funding for the projects listed below.

  • The Bishop P. F. Reding Catholic Secondary School permanent addition and childcare project
  • The St. Michael Catholic Elementary School addition and childcare project
  • The Assumption Catholic Secondary School addition and Renewal project

Keep up-to-date about our Board’s current school construction projects here.

As previously mentioned, Milton #3 Catholic Secondary School has not yet been approved, but it continues to be our Board’s #1 priority project.

Future Capital Projects (funding not secured)

MunicipalityFuture Capital Project DescriptionEffective School YearProject Type
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #9 ‘Walker’ Catholic Elementary School2022-23Growth
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #10 ‘Cobben’ Catholic Elementary School2020-21Growth
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #11 ‘Bowes’ Catholic Elementary School2024-25Growth
MiltonMilton #3 Catholic Secondary School2020-21Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville CE#4 Catholic Elementary School2020-21Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville CE#3 or CE#5 Catholic Elementary School2025-26Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville CE#1, CE#3, or CE#5 Catholic Elementary School2030-31Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville CE#1 or CE#5 Catholic Elementary School2032Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville CS#1 Catholic Secondary SchoolTBDGrowth
OakvilleSt. Dominic Catholic Elementary School Partial RebuildTBD**Renewal
Halton HillsGeorgetown West Catholic elementary School (Holy Cross Rebuild)TBD**Growth/Renewal
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan CE#1 Catholic Elementary School2021-22 *Growth
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan CE#2 Catholic Elementary School2025-26Growth
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan CS#1 Catholic Secondary Accommodations2025-26 *Growth

* Note a JK-12 site has been designated in the Secondary Plan to accommodate Vision Georgetown CES #1 and CS#1.
** Renewal project can be accommodated as soon as funding is made available.

Erica EmeryPlanning Services Work Plan 2018-19