2019 Long-Term Capital Plan Projections Now Available

Since Planning Services presented the Board’s Four Year Ministry Enrolment Projections back in December, we have refined the projections with updated development information and trends, and updated pupil yields for new development.

The updated 2019 Long-Term Capital Plan projections can be viewed on our regional and municipal Long-Term Capital Plan overview pages:

The Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) – Updated Projections Information Report, presented to Trustees at the Regular Board Meeting on March 19, 2019, is now available.

Next Steps
in the process will be to complete the Long-Term Capital Plan – Annual Facility Accommodation Report, which will identify capital priorities and facility partnership opportunities for the Board.

This information will be presented to the Board of Trustees on April 2, 2019, as per the requirement of Policy I 37: Community Planning & Facility Partnerships.

Erica Emery2019 Long-Term Capital Plan Projections Now Available