Official Ground-Breaking & Blessing of Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School

On Friday, March 26, 2021, HCDSB staff, trustees, honourable guests and members of the community gathered outdoors for the official Ground-Breaking and Blessing Ceremony of the new Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School, to serve the growing student population in the Boyne community of Milton.

As part of the ceremony, greetings were shared by the Honourable Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education; Parm Gill, Member of Provincial Parliament; Gordon Krantz, Mayor of Milton; and Patrick Murphy, Chair of the Board and Milton Trustee; and Pat Daly, Director of Education.

A blessing of the school site was officiated by Reverend Jim Petrie, Pastor at St. Benedict Parish in Milton, along with a bible scripture passage presented by Marvin Duarte, Vice-Chair of the Board and Milton Trustee.

Quick Facts:

  • On January 13, 2021, the Ministry of Education gave approval to proceed to tender and begin construction on the new Catholic elementary school. 
  • Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School will accommodate 671 pupil places and a 5-room child care centre.
  • The school will be located at the intersection of Whitlock Avenue and Kennedy Circle West in Milton, and is scheduled to open in the Winter, 2022.


“The school will be completed by next Winter. That is efficient, effective delivery of a school that is needed for the fastest growing community in the province of Ontario. This demonstrates the hope of what the future will bring, where we look to a world where we are able to defeat this pandemic. I want to thank the hard work of frontline staff who are leading by example. The work continues, the growth continues, and we will continue to be here for families in Milton. We are very grateful for the partnership to deliver for the young people of Ontario.”

– The Honourable Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

“This Ground-breaking Ceremony marks an important milestone in the establishment of our newest Catholic elementary school community in Milton. 

Our schools continue to attract families who wish to instill in their children the gift of a Catholic education, and this new school will help us address the ever-growing needs within our Milton community. 

We value the ongoing collaboration and support from MPP Gill and are grateful for the commitment of the Ministry of Education through the provision of funding so that we can build new school buildings that will help us better serve the needs of our Milton students and families.”

– Patrick Murphy, Chair of the Board and Milton Trustee

“We are looking forward to beginning construction of this much needed new Catholic elementary school in Milton. We are committed to excellence in learning, and our mission is fulfilled by providing opportunities that meet the needs and aspirations of all students in creative and innovative learning environments. Our Catholic school communities are built upon the collaborative efforts of home, school and parish. Today is a celebration not only for the students in Milton, but for each of our partners and the entire Milton community!”

– Marvin Duarte, Vice-Chair of the Board and Milton Trustee

“The establishment of a new school is always an exciting time from a school board’s perspective. We recognize that a school is more than just the bricks and mortar building where students gather to learn. Today’s ground-breaking ceremony represents a very tangible first step towards the building of a new school community – where families and staff will come together to create and nurture a welcoming space in which all students can experience an engaging Catholic learning environment. We look forward to completing this new school and opening our doors to this vibrant new community.”

– Pat Daly, Director of Education

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