Call for Parent Volunteers to Serve on Milton #10 CES Boundary Review Committee!

Parents and guardians of St. Scholastica are invited to participate in a school boundary review to determine the school boundaries for the new Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School.


  • On July 23, 2020, the Ministry of Education approved funding for Milton #10 CES. 
  • Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School is located in the new residential development area of Boyne, in the southern part of the Town of Milton urban boundary. Approximately 16,900 residential units are expected for the Boyne community consisting of many low and medium-density developments.
  • Currently, all elementary students within the Boyne community are being accommodated at St. Scholastica CES for JK to Grade 8 (boundary map). However, St. Scholastica CES is projected to exceed site capacity by 2022 due to development pressures and the expanding French Immersion program.
  • The Milton #10 CES facility will be used as a holding school for Milton #3 CSS until the new Milton #3 CSS building is complete. This boundary change is being proactively sought in anticipation of the Milton #10 CES future transition from a holding school to a JK to Grade 8 school and to address accommodation pressure at St. Scholastica CES.

Scope of the Boundary Review

A School Boundary Review for St. Scholastica will review school attendance areas to establish school boundaries for the new Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School. 

School Boundary Review Committee (SBRC)

The first step in this review involves establishing a School Boundary Review Committee (SBRC) made up of parents and Board staff. The role of the SBRC is to gather and share information about the review with their school communities.

SBRC Composition

St. Scholastica has been asked to provide two (2) parent representatives to serve as members of the SBRC.

The Board is hoping to have representation on the SBRC from one (1) member of the St. Scholastica School Council, as well as one (1) parent who does not sit on the Catholic School Council.

Time Commitment

The SBRC will meet several times throughout the review process. The meetings will be held virtually during weekday evenings and may last anywhere between 2-3 hours. The first (orientation) meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 beginning at 7:00PM

In addition to attending all SBRC meetings, SBRC members are also required to attend the public consultation meetings which will take place throughout the process.

Interested in Being a Rep on the SBRC?

If you are interested in serving on the Milton #10 Catholic Elementary School Boundary Review Committee, please let your School Principal know by Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

Need More Information?

Additional information related to this boundary review process, including background, reports, and tentative timelines is available on the Milton #10 CES Boundary Review web page.

Claudia PalucciCall for Parent Volunteers to Serve on Milton #10 CES Boundary Review Committee!