About School Planning

What is School Planning?

Essentially, School Planning is the planning out of the future physical accommodation needs of our students, and subsequently, our schools. We accomplish this in large part by projecting student enrolment.

Our historic and projected student enrolment numbers provide us with the data necessary to achieve optimal utilization of our schools.

Optimal school utilization is achieved through:

1. School Boundary Reviews

This committee-led process involves revising school boundary lines so that students are better distributed among a group of neighbouring schools.

2. Pupil Accommodation Reviews

A Pupil Accommodation Review (PAR) is a committee-led process that is required to occur before a school board is allowed to close or consolidate a school(s).

3. Capital Priorities Funding

Our Board submits an annual list of our most needed school projects in hopes of securing funding from the Ministry of Education. These projects are referred to as Capital Priorities, and can include new schools and renovations and/or additions to our established schools.

4. Community Planning & Facility Partnerships

This process allows approved community agencies to utilize a schools unused space. Agencies can submit their proposal for a partnership opportunity online.

Planning Services 2018-19 Work Plan

Our work plan outlines the recurring annual projects completed by Planning Services, which typically include:

  • Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) updates
  • Education Development Charge (EDC) By-Law updates
  • Boundary and Accommodation Reviews
  • Future Capital Project submissions

Learn more about our 2018-19 Work Plan.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Board’s Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) to learn more about School Planning at the HCDSB.

The LTCP is an annually updated document that provides comprehensive School Planning related information.

Broken down by review area, this information includes the following:

  • School profiles
  • Community overviews
  • Historic student enrolment (previous 5 years)
  • Projected student enrolment (future 1-15 years)
  • Planned and proposed residential developments
  • Short-term (1-5 years) recommendations
  • Long-term (6-15 years) recommendations
  • Potential community partnership opportunities


Branko Vidovic
Senior Manager, Planning Services
Halton Catholic District School Board
VidovicB@hcdsb.org ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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