Becoming a Partner

Interested in Becoming a Board Partner?

Once a proposal is received, the Board will consider at its sole discretion, to determine the eligibility of an applicant to become an approved community partner, and determine the value the proposed partnership has with regards to the Board’s interests. Interested partners that meet the criteria outlined in the Section 3.1 of Operating Policy I-37 will be invited to submit proposals for the use of under-utilized space in existing facilities.

Partnerships will be evaluated based on how well the proposal meets the community partner and partnership selection criteria outlined in Administrative Procedure VI-78. The Board will have full discretion when evaluating partners and their compatibility and suitability for each facility.

How to Submit a Proposal

After reading both the Community Planning & Facility Partnerships policies and procedure, interested agencies are to complete the Application for Interest for Community Planning & Facility Partnerships form, and submit it via email to the Office of the Director of Education and Planning Services.

Rosie Di Pietro
Executive Assistant, Director of Education

Branko Vidovic
Senior Manager, Planning Service

Becoming a Partner