Community Planning & Facility Partnerships

The Board believes in supporting the development of facility partnerships whose operations enhance and respect the Board’s vision, mission statement, values, as well as the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and strategic directions.

Partnerships with community agencies and public service providers presents a key opportunity in creating complete neighbourhoods with an array of services and programs, located in a central and accessible community hub for students and residents alike.


On March 26, 2015, the Ministry of Education released the new Community Planning and Partnerships Guidelines (CPPG). These guidelines provide a framework for school boards to create and maintain community partnerships, increase school board operational efficiencies, and address under-utilized school spaces, while also focusing on student well-being and academic achievement.

On November 17, 2015, the Halton Catholic District School Board approved Policy 1-37 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships, and Administrative Procedure VI-78 – Community Planning and Facility Partnerships thereafter.

The Community Planning & Facility Partnership Process

The Community Planning and Facility Partnership process is meant to provide Board approved partners, as well as other potential community partners within the region, an opportunity for entering into partnership within the Board’s existing and future facilities.

Community agencies have the opportunity to provide partnership proposals to the Board for new capital construction projects (new school or additions) and/or using under-utilized spaces within existing schools to reduce operational expenses.

The Community  Planning & Facility Partnership Process is also meant to provide information to partners well in advance of the Board Long-Term Capital Plans (LTCP) to provide adequate time for planning. Accordingly, as per the requirements of the Operating Policy I-37: Community Planning & Facility Partnerships, staff is mandated to present its Annual Facility Accommodation Report in a public forum at least once a year.

The information to be provided is meant to include the following:

  • Relevant portions of the Board’s Long Term Capital Plan (LTCP);
  • Details of any schools eligible for facility partnerships;
  • Background information on the Review Areas of the Board; and
  • Process for submitting project proposals and becoming an approved community partner of the Board.

Those that are interested in being on the approved notification list, or interested in partnering with the Board to use existing space within a school or co-building, are encouraged to contact the office of the Director of Education instead of waiting for the annual public meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

The 2017 Annual Facility Accommodation Report was presented at the annual Community Planning and Facility Partnership Meeting on April 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the Catholic Education Centre in Burlington.

Upon request, Board staff could host additional meetings in circumstances where new information, projects, or initiatives could be presented to the wider community.

Cost Neutral Approach

All new partnerships fostered by the Board are to have no additional costs incurred to support facility partnerships. Fees will be charged to partners on a cost-recovery basis to cover operating costs, capital costs, administrative costs and property taxes (if applicable), for the space occupied by the partner. These fees may also cover legal expenses if deemed necessary. In co-building, facility partners will be required to pay for and finance their share of construction, including a proportional share of joint-use or share space.

Additional costs to obtain municipal approvals, perform renovations to protect student safety, provide appropriate washrooms, and otherwise make the space suitable for use by facility partners will be borne by the partner.

Becoming a Partner

Once a proposal is received, the Board will consider at its sole discretion, to determine the eligibility of an applicant to become an approved community partner, and determine the value the proposed partnership has with regards to the Board’s interests. Interested partners that meet the criteria outlined in the Section 3.1 of Operating Policy I-37 will be invited to submit proposals for the use of under-utilized space in existing facilities.

Partnerships will be evaluated based on how well the proposal meets the community partner and partnership selection criteria outlined in Administrative Procedure VI-78. The Board will have full discretion when evaluating partners and their compatibility and suitability for each facility.

How to Submit a Proposal

After reading both the Community Planning & Facility Partnerships policies and procedure, interested agencies are to complete the Application for Interest for Community Planning & Facility Partnerships form, and submit it via email to the Office of the Director of Education and Planning Services.

Rosie Di Pietro
Executive Assistant, Director of Education
905-632-6314, ext. 150

Frederick Thibeault
Administrator, Planning Serives
905-632-6314, ext. 107



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