Other Ultimate School Boundaries

The Ultimate School Boundary Selection Process

Over the course of the School Boundary Review working meetings, the committee reviewed a total of five (5) different ultimate school boundary options that were aimed at meeting Goal #1. During the working meetings, each option was reviewed in accordance with the Boundary Review Criteria that were discussed as part of Portal #3, and selected the option that best fit. The SBRC committee members also contributed their on-the-ground knowledge of their school communities to better inform the selection process.

Ultimately, Option A was selected as the preferred Ultimate School Boundary Option by clear majority Committee members when they voted on options to bring forward to the community through this Virtual PIM.

Option B to Options E were not selected to move forward, however the SBRC agreed to provide them to the community to demonstrate how the preferred option was reached. A detailed option summary chart is also available that provides a comparison of each of the options reviewed.

A brief overview of the aforementioned options is provided below, and why they were not ultimately selected to move forward.

Option B

Option C

Option D

Option E

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