Other Interim Accommodation Options

Other Interim Accommodation Options Reviewed

Over the course of the School Boundary Review working meetings, the committee reviewed a total of 13 Interim Accommodation Options. These were comprised of nine (9) holding school options and four (4) increased capacity options. All options had the aim of meeting the requirements of Goal #2 of this process, which was to create an interim accommodation plan beginning in the 2021-22 school year, until the new Milton #3 CSS opens.

During the working meetings, each option was reviewed for its ability to temporarily accommodate students from the proposed ultimate school boundaries for Milton #3 CSS (Portal #4). The considerations made can be summarized as follows, based on themes discussed when reviewing interim accommodation options by the SBRC:

Criterion 1: Space to accommodate students
In the interim year and in the potential event of a delay in opening Milton #3 (due to delay in funding/construction), can the interim solution accommodate students either in the school building (bricks and mortar) or in combination with portables.

Examples of considerations are physical space available at the location to accommodate projected Milton #3 CSS enrolment, sharing/availability of specialized classrooms within the school building (e.g. science labs, tech rooms, theatre, gym), and ability to accommodate projected enrolment the following school year if new school is delayed.

Criterion 2: Replicating the existing school day and experience
Does the Interim solution provide a balanced school day for the student, as well as ensure that they continue to have a comparable experience as it relates to before and after school activities to minimize disruptions.

Examples of consideration are school bell times, pick up/drop off times for school buses, late buses for after school activities, and distance to holding school locations.

Criterion 3: Ability to create new school identity/community at location
In the interim, will the interim solution be a conducive environment for the future Milton #3 CSS community to create and establish their own school community.

Ultimately, four (4) potential options were selected by the SBRC that best met the above criteria, consisting of one (1) increased capacity option (Portal #5.1) and three (3) holding location options (Portal #5.2 to #5.4).

The options that were not selected are presented below, including links to the voting sheets that were used to determine which options the SBRC voted to move forward with for the Holding Locations and the Increased Capacity options.

Please note that the Bishop P. F. Reding CSS interim holding location option was removed by consensus at the SBRC Working Meeting #4, which occurred after voting took place.

Other Holding Location Options

Other Increased Capacity Options

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