Frequently Asked Questions: North Oakville #4 CES Boundary Review

What is the School Boundary Review Committee (SBRC)?

The School Boundary Review Committee (SBRC) committee is advisory in nature, and is meant to represent the affected schools of a School Boundary Review process. To meet this objective, SBRC has parent representation from each of the affected schools and acts are the official conduit for information between the committee and the community.

The task of the SBRC is to review potential options and provide objective feedback that represents the interests of all involved parties.

Who approved boundary changes?

The decision to approve boundary changes rests with the Board of Trustees.

Why are portable classrooms used rather than building additions or larger schools?

Portable classrooms are utilized to provide interim pupil accommodation at schools experiencing enrolment growth due to new residential development (i.e. new subdivisions) or as a result of policy/program initiatives. The trend for schools located within new residential communities is to have significant enrolment growth in the short to medium term, with enrolment peaking in year 10. As the community matures, enrolment declines and the portable classrooms are removed to the point that all students are able to be accommodated within the building itself.

Constructing permanent additions or building larger schools to facilities to accommodate the peak enrolments, typically results in the school(s) being under capacity with vacant pupil places once the community matures. This could possibly result in the Board having schools with vacant pupil places, which could result in the need to undertake a Program and Accommodation Review (i.e. school closures or consolidations) for these underutilized schools.

Where can I learn more about enrolment projection methodology?

A summary of enrolment projection methodology is available in the Long-term Capital Plan. Alternatively, Alternatively, you can refer to our Enrolment Projection Methodology presentation.

Are projections based on census data?

Yes, but to a limited degree. We use Census data as more of a check and balance to see overall growth and decline trends.

Board staff mainly rely on the following sources of data to project enrolment:

  • Current and historic enrolment data
  • Circulated development plans
  • Regional birth data

Is development considered in the enrolment projections?

Yes. As a part of the Planning Act, the Halton Catholic District School Board is circulated on all residential development plans by municipalities. The type and number of units is included within the information shared by the municipality. Planning Services utilizes the information on units and phasing in developing enrolment projections.

Planning Services is in regular communication with municipalities and developers to track development and unit occupancy.

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