Funding Requests

2019 School Capital Priorities

On June 18, 2019, the Board will be considering the priority ranking for the 2019 School Capital Priorities funding Grant Program, which includes the six projects listed in the table below. This is in anticipation of the next round of funding, which still has not been released by the Ministry of Education. For more information, see the 2019 Capital Priorities List Submission Board Report.

Rank2019 Capital Project DescriptionChildcareProject TypeEffective School Year
1Milton #3 CSSN/AGrowth2021-22
2Milton #10 ‘Cobben’ CESFive roomsGrowth2021-22
3North Oakville CE#4 or CE#5 CESN/AGrowth2021-22
4Vision Georgetown CESFive roomsGrowth2022-23
5Holy Cross RebuildFive roomsRenewal2021-22
6St. Dominic CES Partial RebuildN/ARenewal2022-23

Future Capital Projects (funding not secured)

These are priority capital projects identified in the 2019 Long-Term Capital Plan that are still not funded, and that the Board may request funding for in future submissions to the Ministry of Education.

MunicipalityFuture Capital Project DescriptionEffective School YearProject Type
MiltonMilton #3 Catholic Secondary School2020-21Growth
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #10 ‘Cobben’ Catholic Elementary School2021-22Growth
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #9 ‘Walker’ Catholic Elementary School2022-23Growth
MiltonBoyne Secondary Plan Milton #11 ‘Bowes’ Catholic Elementary School2024-25Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville #4 Catholic Elementary School2021-22Growth
OakvilleSt. Dominic Catholic Elementary School Partial Rebuild2022-23Renewal
OakvilleNorth Oakville #5 Catholic Elementary School2025-26Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville #3 Catholic Elementary School2029-30Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville #1 Catholic Elementary School2033+Growth
OakvilleNorth Oakville #1 Catholic Secondary School [1]TBDGrowth
Halton HillsGeorgetown West Catholic Elementary School (Holy Cross Rebuild)2020-21Growth/Renewal
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan #1 Catholic Elementary School [2]2022-23Growth
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan #1 Catholic Secondary School [2]2025-26Growth
Halton HillsVision Georgetown Secondary Plan #2 Catholic Elementary School2027-28Growth

[1]  Accommodation strategies for secondary schools may change following recent announcements by the Ministry of Education to increase class sizes to 28 students per classroom. The impact of the proposed change will be reviewed once additional information is available.
[2]  Note a JK-12 site has been designated in the Secondary Plan to accommodate Vision Georgetown #1 CES and #1 CSS.

2017 School Capital Priorities

On September 8, 2017, the Board submitted a total of eight (8) School Capital Priorities. In March of 2018, the Ministry of Education announced that the Board was successful in receiving funding for its Priority #1 and Priority #3 listed below. For more information on the Capital Priorities submission and the funding announcement, click here.

  • Priority #1: The Bishop P. F. Reding Catholic Secondary School permanent addition and childcare project
  • Priority #3: The St. Michael Catholic Elementary School addition and childcare project

In March of 2018, the Board also submitted an out of stream capital project to the Ministry for the Assumption Catholic Secondary School addition and renewal project in Burlington. The Ministry announced in April that the Board received approvals to proceed with the project. The Board has since commenced the construction project in 2019. For more information, click here.

In November of 2018, the Board submitted an Emergency Business Case to the Ministry for the Milton #3 Catholic Secondary School Project in the Town of Milton. This was previously the Priority #2 project of the 2017 Capital Submission. This project is now the Board’s #1 unfunded priority project.

Keep up-to-date about our Board’s current school construction projects here.

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