Long-Term Capital Plan

What is a Long-Term Capital Plan?

Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) is an annually reviewed document that provides detailed enrolment projections over a 15-year period. The LTCP uses these enrolment projections to identify current and future accommodation pressures that result from new residential development, changing demographics, and program pressures.

More specifically, HCDSB uses these 15-year enrolment projections to identify Capital Projects that are required in order to maintain or improve our infrastructure via renovation, addition, or new construction. These Capital Projects are broken down into short-term (1-5 years) and long-term (6-15 years) projects.

The components of the Long-Term Capital Plan are ultimately used to obtain Capital Project funding from the Ministry of Education.

How does this affect me?

To determine if there are any approved or proposed Capital Projects in your school community, you will need to first find out what Review Area you are a part of. To find your review area, please enter your address into our interactive Projects Near Me map.

Alternatively, you can find your review area by reading our municipal ERA and SRA maps.

You can find detailed information about your review area on your municipality’s LTCP webpage:

2021 Long-Term Capital Plan Update

At the Regular Board Meeting on May 4, 2021, staff presented the draft version of the 2021 Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) to Trustees. The final version of the 2021 LTCP will be presented at the June 1, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Board.

2021 Long-Term Capital Plan Full Report

Community Feedback

Halton Region community members were invited to provide feedback regarding the accommodation strategies proposed in the updated LTCP. The Community Feedback Survey closed on May 19, 2021. All community feedback was presented to HCDSB Trustees prior to the updated LTCP being finalized and presented to Trustees for information at the Regular Board Meeting on June 15, 2021.

2021 LTCP Timelines

Tentative DatesForumActions
October to December 2020InternalDevelop and complete preliminary enrolment projections for submission to the Ministry of Education
December 4, 2020Ministry SubmissionEnrolment Projections Submission
December 15, 2020Board MeetingFour Year Ministry Enrolment Projections Report
February 16, 2021Board MeetingLTCP Preliminary Enrolment Projections Report
April 6, 2021Board MeetingAnnual Facility Accommodation Board Report
April 26, 2021Public Meeting2021 CPFP Public Meeting
April 30, 2021Publish Materials OnlineDraft 2021 LTCP Posted Online
May 4, 2021Board MeetingDraft Report for 2021 LTCP
May 11, 2021Online Survey2021 LTCP Survey Launch
May 19, 2021Online Survey2021 LTCP Survey Closes
June 15, 2021Board MeetingPresentation of Final 2021 LTCP with Public Feedback

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Further Information

For further information on our Long-Term Capital Plan, please contact:

Branko Vidovic
Senior Manager, Planning Services
Halton Catholic District School Board

Claudia PalucciLong-Term Capital Plan