LTCP Upcoming Projects

The projects listed below include future tentative Board’s actions that will be required over the long-term to meet the accommodation and program needs of the Board’s students. Note, the implementation of listed processes will align with Board policies and procedures.

The purpose of listing these projects well in advance allows the public and municipal stakeholders across the Board’s jurisdiction to review the future plans for the Boards, opening the door for potential collaborations with stakeholders, and aligning capital plan timelines.

These projects include the following types of projects:

  1. New capital projects in developing areas of the Halton Region that require new pupil places to meet growth demands;
  2. Pupil Accommodation Reviews in areas of declining enrolment, when empty pupil places could be removed to enhance efficiencies (Note – Moratorium currently in place);
  3. School Boundary Reviews in areas where enrolment can be re-balanced to address over and under utilization rates at schools;
  4. Administrative Program Reviews in areas where enrolment can be re-balanced through optional programming changes only, based on Senior Administrative decisions;
  5. Renewal Projects for specific schools that require capital works for maintenance purposes, classroom enhancements, program enhancements, or capacity enhancements;
  6. Schools with Underutilized Spaces are schools that are still needed to provide pupil accommodations and operate as a viable schools, but have excess space that can be utilized with approved community partners to fill empty spaces no longer needed for school accommodation.

New Capital Projects (New Construction)

Project DescriptionMunicipalityYearCPFP Opportunity
Georgetown West CES - CEH1/Holy Cross CES Replacement FacilityHalton Hills2020-21Yes
Vision Georgetown #1 CES (Site shared with Vision Georgetown #1 CSS)Halton Hills2022-23Yes
Vision Georgetown #1 CSS (Site shared with Vision Georgetown #1 CES)Halton Hills2025-26Yes
Vision Georgetown #2 CESHalton Hills2027-28Yes
Milton #3 CSSMilton2020-21Yes
Milton #10 CESMilton2021-22Yes
Milton #9 CESMilton2022-23Yes
Milton #11 CESMilton2024-25Yes
North Oakville #4 CESOakville2021-22Yes
St. Dominic CES RebuildOakville2022-23Yes
North Oakville #5 CESOakville2025-26Yes
North Oakville #3 CESOakville2029-30Yes
North Oakville #1 CESOakville2033+Yes
North Oakville #1 CSSOakvilleTBDYes

Pupil Accommodation Reviews


Project DescriptionMunicipalityYearCPFP Opportunity

School Boundary & Program Reviews

Project DescriptionMunicipalityYearCPFP Opportunity
CSB1 (Burlington Secondary) School Boundary ReviewBurlington1-5 yearsTBD
CEB2, CEB3 (Burlington South and West Elementary) School Boundary ReviewBurlington6-15 yearsTBD
CEM1, CSM1-2 Administrative School Boundary Review for Milton HeightsMilton1-5 yearsNo
CSM1-3 (Milton Secondary) Interim School Boundary ReviewMilton1-5 yearsNo
CEO2-3, 6 Administrative School Boundary Review for Saw Whet (Bronte Green) and North Oakville WestOakville1-5 yearsNo
CEO2-6 School Boundary ReviewOakville1-5 yearsNo

Renewal Projects

Project DescriptionMunicipalityYearCPFP Opportunity
Assumption CSS Renewal and AdditionBurlington2019-20No
Canadian Martyrs CES RenewalBurlington2019-20No
Notre Dame CSS RenewalBurlington2019-20No
St. Gabriel CES RenewalBurlington2019-20No
St. Mark CES RenewalBurlington2019-20No
Notre Dame CSS RenewalBurlington2019-20No
Bishop P. F. Reding CSS Renewal and AdditionMilton2020-21No
St. Michael CES Renewal and AdditionOakville2019-20No

Schools with Underutilized Spaces

Project DescriptionMunicipalityYear AvailableCPFP Opportunity
St. Christopher CESBurlington6-15 yearsYes
St. Elizabeth Seton CESBurlington6-15 yearsYes
St. Joseph (A) CESHalton Hills6-15 yearsYes
Holy Family CESOakville1-5 yearsYes
St. James CESOakville1-5 yearsYes
St. Luke CESOakville1-5 yearsYes
St. Marguerite D’Youville CESOakville1-5 yearsYes
St. Teresa of Calcutta CESOakville1-5 yearsYes
St. John Paul II CESOakville6-15 yearsYes
St. Vincent CESOakville6-15 yearsYes


  •  The order that each of the new school sites will be needed is based on the estimated timing of development for each community at this time, and may change based on the progression of development across various blocks of the Boyne and North Oakville East Secondary Plans.
Erica EmeryLTCP Upcoming Projects