2019 Regional Overview


Halton Region is located within the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area (GGHA) of Ontario, which is one of the fastest growing regions in North America. Over the last decade, Halton Region’s overall population has increased from 439,206 in 2006 to 548,435 in 2016, an increase of approximately 25%. One of the major growth centres in the Region is the Town of Milton, which grew by a staggering 104% over this period, followed by the Town of Oakville, which grew by 17% over the same period.

Halton Region continues to project an increase in population, largely due to migration from within Canada as well as new immigrants entering Canada. This will continue to support a vibrant and growing student population in HCDSB. To meet this growth, the Board will need to ensure that Catholic student accommodation is adequately provided for the existing and future students of the Board.

The Greater Golden Horseshoe

Regional Review Areas

When the Board reviews its enrolment projections and future projects within its municipalities, the Board will use geographic boundaries that are referred to as Elementary Review Areas (ERA) and Secondary Review Areas (SRA). There are a total of 22 ERA and 9 SRA within the jurisdiction of the Board. Discover what review area you belong to by using our interactive Projects Near Me interactive map.

These areas are typically groupings of neighbourhoods that share common characteristics, and often include a grouping of schools that currently, or are planned to, service the area. Click here for detailed Halton Region ERA and SRA maps.

Regional Projections

The total enrolment of the Board for the elementary and secondary school panels are projected to continue growing overall. Overtime, the Board will be required to increase its overall capacity in the growing areas with the introduction of new schools, and construction of permanent classroom additions. Alternatively, the Board will also be required to reduce its overall capacity in areas of decline to ensure schools remain viable overtime.

The projection period for the Long-Term Capital Plan (LTCP) is over 15 years, between the 2018-2033 school years. During this time, the Board anticipates the following:

  • Within a 15-year period, the Board’s elementary panel enrolment is projected to increase from 23,212 students to 31,776 students, and increase of approximately 37%.
  • Within a 15-year period, the Board’s secondary panel enrolment is projected to increase from 12,619 students to 16,978 students, and increase of approximately 35%.

Municipal Overviews

The Board has within its jurisdiction a total of four (4) municipalities, which includes the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton, and the Town of Oakville. All four (4) of these municipalities are very distinct in their demographic, population growth, and enrolment characteristics.

Below are the four (4) Municipalities of Halton Region, and the Board:

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