St. Michael CES Addition & Child Care Centre

To accommodate the Board’s pupil accommodation plan for elementary students in Oakville, a building addition consisting of a new library will be added to the existing building. Furthermore, the existing library will be converted to the new school office, and the existing school office will be converted to an additional classroom for students.

Furthermore, a 3-room Child Care Centre, including 1 infant room, 1 toddler room and 1 pre-school room will also be added.

Hossack & Associates Architects is the design architect for the project.

The target opening date for the child care centre is unknown at this time.

For more information regarding the St. Michael CES project, please contact:

Ryan Merrick
Superintendent, Facility Management Services
905-632-6300 ext. 171​​​​

Erica EmerySt. Michael CES Addition & Child Care Centre